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Why the tenacious founder of Spanx kept a low profile early on

Sara Blakely sold fax machines door-to-door as she quietly built her “footless pantyhose” prototype on the side.

Whenever she had a spare moment, she was dreaming up the design, begging garment builders to build it, and researching trademarks and patents at bookstores.

After she fought her way to getting her product on the shelves, she would spend any free time she had going into Neiman Marcus stores and moving her product display to the register, front-and-center, where more women could discover it.

But before she made it big, for two whole years, she did not share her business idea, even…

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Heading off to work can be fun again

For most commuters in the US, driving is necessary. In fact, 76% of Americans commute alone to work in a car.

As commuters, we normally choose the most convenient choice for us and our busy lifestyles. For many, this means driving. With a national average of two cars per household, it’s clear that vehicle ownership in this country isn’t going away anytime soon.

Vehicles can allow for the ultimate flexibility, especially for those with families. Many pick up and drop off their kids on their way to or from work, or go to other activities straight from work.

There are…

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Using your unique path to your advantage

These days, it’s rare to work for a company for 35 years and retire with a healthy pension. Most of us have unique, meandering career journeys that all look very different from one another.

In order to get to the next step you want in your career, it’s all about how you craft your story.

People love stories. It helps them give context to how you got to where you are, and humanizes you in the eye of a recruiter or interviewer. …

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Jumpstart your young career — with or without your company’s help

Many young people I have worked with are concerned about quickly moving along a career path at their company.

I view them as a generation worried about security, money, and many other world issues, who are searching for stability through work.

They want to jumpstart their careers by proving their worth early and often. As most people tend to do, they crave milestones to recognize that worth. They seek a next step to move towards.

Depending on where you work, an officially defined career path may be crystal clear, or it may be totally nonexistent.

The good news is: Regardless…

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After months of interviewing, you’ve made it through the battle and survived round after round. Now you find yourself faced with your dream scenario — having multiple offers that you need to sort through and ultimately make a decision.

First of all, congratulations! You’ve been working hard, and you’ve earned this. But before making a rush to judgment, you need to take the time to understand what matters to you, and you alone, in this job.

Unless you marry up or hit the lotto (I’m personally still hoping I do both), you’re going to be spending many hours at work…


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